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My Greaest Masteriece

My Greatest Masterpiece Illustrated Children's Book

Mindful, Happy, Healthy Kids Book Series


Award-Winning Children's Picture Book

Golden Wizard Book Prize 2023 Illustrated Children's Book

My Greatest Masterpiece takes you on a journey of

discovery into the imaginative world of children, revealing them as the greatest masterpieces of all. Each page is filled with vivid descriptions of the beauty, creativity, and wonder that children possess as perceived by an admiring parent.

Reader's Favorite Illustrated Children's Book 5 star rating
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creativity. connection. coping.

Through the power of storytelling, this book encourages families to bond with one another, embrace imagination and social interaction, and to appreciate the true value of interpersonal connections.

My Greatest Masterpiece Illustrated Children's Book Creativity Connection Coping

This book encourages children to use art and play as a creative outlet and means of expressing themselves. Art therapy can enhance a child’s ability to cope and results in less tendencies to retreat within themselves.

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the story

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A parent's heart is full when she sees her children engaging in an activity which brings them joy and allows them to showcase their creativity.

Together, the family unites to enjoy a special surprise from
mom —a masterpiece that is the best of all!

In My Greatest Masterpiece, a mom secretly watches her children create magical and inspiring crafts. She is full of love and admiration as she watches her children embrace their curiosities and express themselves through the arts.

Dr. Simone hopes that the 6 craft projects included in her book inspire your children to explore their creative side !

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Janet Fetzer Illustrated Children's Book review
”This story captures the magic of parenthood and childhood through vivid imagery, creativity, and pure joy. Majetich paints a beautiful picture of child development and artistic expression while highlighting the real magic of all: the child! The warmth throughout this story will stay with you and your child for years to come!”

Janet Fetzer, Pediatric Trauma Therapist

(Ohio, USA)

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Mindful, Happy, Healthy Kids Book Series

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