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barn owl oil finger painting

 ord of olorul Imressios and ories

Simone brings together the beauty of fine art and the whimsy of children's books.

Explore her stunning artwork and delightful children's books that make up her captivating collection!

Golden Wizard Book Prize 2023
Reader's Favorite 5 star children's book rating
Simone Majetich Artist and Book Author

Simone Majetich

Painter and Award-Winning Author

Simone strives to create vibrant and meaningful works that capture the essence of life. Her paintings highlight the beauty of nature and the world around us, while her children’s books are designed to bring the joy of imagination and creativity to our little ones.


Utilizing various themes, Simone works to instill values of self-love, strength, and connection through story telling.

Ivite more beauy and ispiration into your ife

Through use of color, temperature, depth and texture, her oil finger paintings leave impressions of the artist in each piece

crimson savanna leopard oil finger painting
Morning Splendor fox oil finger painting
Ancestral Promenade elephant oil finger painting

Books and Downloadable Content

Enjoy award-winning + best-selling illustrated children's books, e-books, digital activity sheets and more. All literary content by Simone Majetich can be found here.

Paintings and Commissions

Finger painting with oil paints is unique and unusual, but the technique lends itself to the blending of my two worlds and has helped to harmonize the beauty I have seen in each. Explore my portfolio, original paintings for sale or request a commissioned piece of your own.

Speaking Engagements

Invite me to speak at your event or school. I'll share my journey as an artist and author, and inspire your audience to pursue their own passions.


hat Peole re Saying bou Simoe Majetich Fie rt

This book is one of the most creative, heartwarming works of children's literature

The author's writing style is so smooth and fluid, it's as though they are painting a picture with words. Each sentence adds another layer to the masterpiece. In fact, each page of this book is a work of art in itself, encouraging children to create their own imaginative masterpieces and in turn develop their artistic creativity.


The projects added at the end of this book will give young readers not only numerous opportunities to create wonderful pieces of artwork, but memorable experiences with family members or friends as well.


The ending is a testament to the love between parents and their children, and whoever

reads it will understand how much they are truly valued!

Louise Jane, CEO

The Golden Wizard Book Prize

A Work of Art

I love how Simone Majetich writes most of her children’s story, My Greatest Masterpiece, in the second person narrative. This is a complex voice, but she uses it easily.


The author is talking about her two children, young artists with a strong creative mindset, full of imagination and fun, which she encourages by allowing them to be who they are, messes and all. The two children love to paint, model, sing, dance, and create all kinds of inspired

original works, visual, aural, and theatrical. While the author, the mother in the story, observes her children, she also admires their work and the power of creativity and imagination.


Simone Majetich’s picture book story, My Greatest Masterpiece, is a work of art. The language is simple to encourage young readers to read along. The font of the lettering differs, adding swirls and sparkles to every page. The illustrations are as bold and colorful as the children’s creations revealed on each page.


This story is full of love, not just a mother’s love but also a shared love between siblings. Playing and creating together, these children learn more and are stronger than those children who play with electronic devices or spend their days on a computer or watching television. The children in this story are full of life and obviously having a lot of fun creating their masterpieces. The mother already knows what her masterpiece is.


At the end of the story, the author has included some recipes for materials that are safe for children to use, like edible paint. And some ideas are shared of creative projects to inspire the minds of young readers. This book is a masterpiece!

Emily-Jane Hills Orford

Readers’ Favorite

Unique and Meaningful

To say I’m slightly obsessed with this artist would be a big understatement. I was lucky enough to meet Simone at an art festival in our town square. Our collection started with a piece my 5 year old daughter picked out at the festival.  From there the ball just kept rolling.
I’ve purchased a total of 4 original pieces and they are all spectacular. One was a commissioned piece and I literally said “a bunny for our daughters nursery” and she surpassed my expectations!
Simone is such a pleasure to work with and her work will leave you captivated for hours. Her pieces literally jump of the canvas.
She was so open to talking through some of the creative process and made it such a fun experience each time. You will never be disappointed if you invest in her work!

Elle Janette


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