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Explore the joy of painting with your fingers! – written by an oil finger painting artist.


This book offers a colorful adventure that inspires young children and will have them entertained for hours!


Learn about different parts of your hands that you can paint with and different ways to move the paint on your page all while having fun!

Designed with you and messy hands in mind!


- This book is spiral bound and features blank pages behind each activity page.

- This allow you to easily tear them out each page for safe drying while your little one eagerly moves onto the next activity.


With step by step instructions and prompts, the fun scenes provided are not only engaging but:

1. Encourage color and animal recognition

2. Helps with counting

3. Introduces spatial orientation

4. Promotes creative thinking

5. Plus kids really enjoy making crafts!


Ideal for young artists or those looking to discover the world of painting with your fingers.


Great for ages 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.


NOTE: With 72 pages total, this book contains 41 instructional / activity pages that you can paint directly on with blank pages behind each. This allows you to move on to the next activity while your completed page is removed for air drying


Start your finger painting journey today!


Available with author signature, please select signed product if interested.

"Let's Have Fun with Finger Painting" illustrated children's activity book

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